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Floatin' in the Tub

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Sunday, December 9th 2007

5:22 PM (4019 days, 23h, 9min ago)

The Spoon Theory

  • Mood extremely low on "Spoons"
  • Weather 60ish and very humid
  • I'm Thankful For Days with a lot of spoons
  • Deep Thoughts could use a spoon of ice cream about now.... :0)

I found a story, written by a lady with Lupus, that helps explain chronic diseases like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS and so on.  It is on her site:  http://butyoudontlooksick.com


It is not allowed to be reprinted, but I can link to it.  Please do go and read about what it is like to have a condition that no one else can see, but is very real.




0 What they thought....

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