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Floatin' in the Tub

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Aloha GA Girl

Who Am I?

I am a photographer and an AF Veteran.

I have two wonderful children. Hunter is eight, smart as a tack, loves building things and loves to play whatever is the sport of the season. Audrey lived almost seven months before she went to live with God. We have learned so much from her.

We are a Christian family. We get through the tough times by faith in Jesus Christ. We are far from perfect and the house is never spotless; we have our tough days too, but we press on.

If you need to satisfy your morbid curiousity a bit more... go read my 101 Things You Didn't Know About Me in the "things to do" column... although, I must admit you might already know some of them....
Name: Aloha GA Girl <nospam_sherry@theupsonfamily.com>

Location: United States

  • Whining (especially my own)
  • Condescending Attitudes
  • When people try to finish my sentences
  • When People have children and do not treasure them
  • Gray Days